McLaren MP45

Sisters in glory. The McLarens MP4/5 and MP4/5B (it’s derived sister model) were the next in production for McLaren International following the all-conquering MP4/4. They resulted in two Constructors’ Championship in 1989 and 1990, winning the Drivers’ Championship both years, in 89 with Prost, in 90 with Senna.

Constructor McLaren International
Designer(s) Steve Nichols, Neil Oatley, Gordon Murray
Predecessor MP4/4
Successor MP4/6
Chassis Carbon fibre and Kevlar monocoque
Engine Honda RA109-E, 3,490 cc
Transmission 6-speed manual

The MP4/5’s raced 32 times, won 16 of them, with 27 poles. Speaking of number 27, the Constructors’ World Champions used the number 27 (and 28) for their cars in the 1990 season, swapping with Ferrari, after Prost moved onto the Italian team.

These and other McLaren beauties were a delightful scene a couple years back, when we had the privilege to enjoy them at the world-famous Donington Grand Prix Collection, at Donington Park.