ReSTART: The driver who came from the cold


00:05 - The Arrival: Marcus Ericsson and his family
04:43 - Season Preps: Marcus Ericsson gets to know Sauber
07:52 - Factory Visit: Marcus Ericsson takes you behind the scenes
09:38 - Teamwork: Pre-season testing
12:35 - Hidden Talent: Learn about Marcus' hidden talent
14:36 - Racing Heritage: Peter Sauber talks history and heritage!
18:03 - Home Sweet Home: Marcus Ericsson Up Close & Personal...!
20:45 - Hit The Brakes: The brake pedal...
23:38 - Trackside: Teammates - friend or foe?
25:14 - Just In Time: In F1, everything is down to the last second.

Watched by millions of TV viewers all over the globe! If you love F1, this documentary is a must-see. Interesting for every fan of any team.

Exclusive insights into the work of an F1 team and the private person that is Marcus Ericsson, by the Sauber F1 Team.