Echoes of a Nearby Future Part 3, by Andries van Overbeeke

Andries: "I explore the design, proportions and regulations of Formula 1 in the near distant future."

The driving force behind this isn’t just looks, but safety. Combined with the current state of F1, it was important to have something tangible and provide for a fruitful discussion about the future of the sport.

The sidepods are reminiscent of the McLaren that Jenson Button took to glory in his 2011’s Canada win under rain. The message being clear: 'we need to reverse the trend that F1 no longer races in the rain'.

Apart from the canopy, the car features wider rear tyres with an increased diameter and the car's width is increased. The front wing is smaller and less complex to reduce the sensitivity to turbulent air. The canopy encloses the same crash structure that's currently seen on F1 cars, and the traditional roll bar is no longer needed.

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