Red Bull’s EPIC journey to Jordan

The Red Bull Racing Live Demo team push the boundaries, taking F1 to places F1 does not otherwise go…

Starting in the far north of the country in the city of Jerash, the team, with David Coulthard driving the RB7, visited the Greco-Roman ruins of old Gerasa, racing alongside horse-drawn chariots in the ancient hippodrome. Following that they headed south with the RB7 to Petra, juxtaposing the thoroughly modern with one of the wonders of antiquity. Finally the team really opened the car up in the stunning expanse of Wadi Rum: wild and isolated but, given its use in every film from The Martian to Zero Dark Thirty, swiftly becoming as familiar a sight as Monument Valley after John Ford decided to make it the home of the Western.

Many years ago, when I was a young Formula 3 driver I was lucky enough to meet King Hussein and since then it’s always been in my mind that this would be a country I’d love to come and visit. We’ve literally covered the length and breadth this week and it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ll cherish the memories for a long, long time.

”It’s always great to drive the car in areas you wouldn’t normally be allowed to drive an F1 car. I’ve driven on city streets, over bridges, through tunnels... even on helipads – but driving around Petra was definitely something special. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering and just makes you stop and stare. The highlight though was meeting the people. This is a peaceful place, very relaxed and very friendly. We’ve had a fantastic time.
— David Coulthard