In Pictures: Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2018

Selected pictures from Ferrari's Finali Mondiali 2018 at Monza

This edition of the Ferrari Finali Mondiali includes the F1-89, the first single-seater to be fitted with a semi-automatic gearbox with paddle shift levers on the steering wheel, the 412 T2, the last car with a V12 engine, used in 1995, or the cars that marked the era of Michael Schumacher such as the F2001, F2003-GA, and F2004, and then that of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa (F2007 and F2008), as well as those that have won at Monza such as the F1-87/88C, or the 312 T that helped Lauda to the title in Italy 11 years after John Surtees.

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