Red Bull Show Run 2015 Mexico

Before going to Silverstone for the upcoming British GP, Red Bull visited Mexico City for a Live Demo at The Zócalo this past Saturday. And they’ll be back late-October for the returning GP!

"It was a great day, the fans were happy. In the end what matters is to bring the car to all the fans, you hear the sound of the engine and to live the experience" said Daniel Ricciardo.

While Carlos Sainz added, "I am very happy to be here. Mexico is a great place for Formula 1. The car show is a great opportunity to explain what the Grand Prix is made of."

The boys took on the 4-time champion RB7 (V8, 2400cc) to excite the public through a series of demonstration runs with loud noise, donuts and speed. Later on they waved the Mexican flag, which fans really enjoyed.

People also got to see the Infiniti Q50 in action, and the appearance of Tavo Vildósola, an Off-Road driver with his Trophy Truck.

How it looked like...

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