#TechThursday: Nose designs

Following the nose designs controversy in 2014 due to the FIA regulations, 2015 brings significant visual changes in the cars. The rules now require that all teams comply with a 9000mm² cross section 5cm behind the very tip of the nose 20000mm² cross section forming where the nose touches the chassis.

The effect? A challenge from a technical view to compensate for the big aero impact of the changes, as the newly nose section creates a blockage, reducing downforce.

This results in four design layouts between the teams. Williams, Red Bull, and Toro Rosso have opted to keep a small piece at the front of their nose. Others like Mercedes and Lotus keep a shorter nose with a slight point. Ferrari, McLaren, and Force India have a longer and wider nose. And finally Sauber has the most different nose of all, choosing a wide design a thick thumb section to the front of the nose.