Chandon, New Official Partner of The McLaren Honda F1 Team

McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team announces an exciting new partnership with Chandon, signed today.

McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team announces an exciting new partnership with Chandon, signed today. As one of the most successful teams in Formula 1 history McLaren meets Chandon, the vibrant sparkling wine with a boundless conquering spirit. The partnership perfectly highlights Chandon’s open spirit, ‘joie de vivre’ and spontaneous approach to life.

The partnership is a long-term, global collaboration that will bring Chandon’s sparkling attitude to the famous McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team.

The partnership was made official today at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey, England. It was signed by Christophe Navarre, Chairman and CEO of Moët Hennessy, and Ron Dennis, McLaren Technology Group Chairman and CEO.

Chandon and the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team: two icons unite for a long-term collaboration

Formula 1 racing is a thrilling international spectacle, and the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team’s passion and legendary champions have long been at the heart of it all. 

McLaren and Honda returned to the racetrack as partners at the start of the 2015 Formula 1 season. The partnership reunites one of the most dominant pairings in motorsport history: between 1988 and ’92 McLaren and Honda won eight world championships and 44 grands prix, took 53 pole positions and set 30 fastest laps – all in just 80 grands prix.

“The McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team’s story is characterised by human endeavour, filled with heroic champions who have stood on sport’s global stage. This is a team that seizes the moment and remains open to new challenges,” said Christophe Navarre. “Chandon couldn’t be happier to partner with the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team. This is a rich new occasion to bring our fans together around the world, and to enjoy the depth of this connection.”

Ron Dennis said: “It is extremely exciting that Moët Hennessy has chosen to join with the McLaren Honda team through Chandon to form a unique, long-term partnership. The fit between Chandon and McLaren Honda is a natural one with both sharing a passion to innovate in whatever we do, combined with a unique style and approach. It is a great privilege for everyone at McLaren Honda to partner with Chandon, one of the iconic brands in the prestigious Moët Hennessy portfolio.”

Chandon was founded on this spirit of openness and collaboration: the kind that invites outstanding, fruitful encounters. Renowned oenologist Renaud Poirier set out to explore the world and find the best terroirs to create sparkling wines. He first arrived in Mendoza, Argentina in 1959 and collaborated with local winemakers, adapting traditional French winemaking know-how to local varieties. The result, thanks to this versatile openness and laid-back approach to doing things differently, was an exceptional new breed of local sparkling wines. Today, more than 55 years later, Chandon’s vineyards are present in Argentina (1959), the US (1973), Brazil (1973), Australia (1986), India (2013) and China (2014). An authentic and respected brand, Chandon wines are enjoyed around the world.

Chandon and McLaren

No one knows how to embrace the times – and cutting-edge technology – like McLaren and Chandon. Both incorporate their conquering spirit and impeccable innovation: McLaren with its unparalleled racing cars, and Chandon in its winemaking savoir-faire and global search for perfection in crafting its wines.

There is always a reason to celebrate, enjoy and unwind, whether at the end of a challenging race, or the end of a good day. Chandon is the perfect sparkling toast for the moments that are made possible when you remain open to life and the beautiful opportunities it has in store.

Together, Chandon and McLaren Honda are present in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Formula 1 is in 19 countries across five continents, and Chandon produces its wine in six countries, and is also available across five continents. 

About Chandon

Chandon is one of the iconic Maisons of Moët Hennessy, which is part of the LVMH group. A vibrant and casually chic new breed of sparkling wine, Chandon was founded with a spontaneous, open spirit and a desire to create genuine connections. Adapting French traditional winemaking know-how to local craft, Chandon today has six wineries worldwide. Each one is the result of the Maison’s travels around the globe to find the best terroirs for creating its sparkling wines: Argentina, the US, Brazil, Australia, India and China.

About McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team

New Zealand racing driver Bruce McLaren founded the McLaren team in 1963. McLaren has won 20 world championships and over 180 grands prix. McLaren is now globally renowned as one of sport’s most successful competitors and as one of the world’s most illustrious high-technology brands.

McLaren Honda and Chandon will commence their partnership from the 2016 F1 season. 

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