65 years of Formula 1®

2015 marks the 65th birthday of Formula 1 racing. A period during which motorsports’ finest have thrilled the world over and over again, with the most brilliant visionaries, engineers and drivers delivering outstanding performances of passion, excellence, innovation, bravery, glamour, example, controversy and much, much more.

Over 65 years, F1 has held over 900 Grand Prix races in more than 30 countries, and shown the world what the lengths the greats are capable of, in the likes of Fangio, Clark, Senna and Prost, or Michael Schumacher. It’s really put meaning to making 1000ths of a second count. It’s made drivers race over 300km/h and experience forces up to 4g’s. It has also been exemplary by technological advances later on applied to ‘the real world’, and welcomed safety measures that transformed the world — for more on safety do yourself a favor and watch the brilliant F1 documentary ‘1’.

Formula 1 has had so many moments it’s quite difficult to narrow down the count and speak of only few, though the sport’s best can be seen in drives like that of Fangio in the terrifying Nurburgring, or Senna’s superhuman feat to finish — and win — the 1991 Brazilian GP after suffering gearbox problems, on top of his magnificent rivalry with Alain Prost, or that of RUSH’s Lauda/Hunt rivalry. In most recent memory, remember Brazil’s epic finishes down to the wire to crown Raikkonen in 2007, Hamilton in 2008, Vettel in 2012.

What is your favorite moment in F1 history?

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