Ferrari defends its partnership with Haas

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has insisted their association with Formula One’s new boys Haas F1 is nothing more than a technical partnership and people should not read any-more in to it. 

It had been suggested by some people that Haas would effectively be an unofficial number two Ferrari team but Machionne has moved to squash those claims with the below interview.

“Haas was the result of a particular arrangement where we acted as a technical solution provider to a new team to help get them started,”

“I’m delighted we could provide that technical support to Haas”

“We need to see them as an aligned but not connected racing team which will do whatever it needs to do to race and life goes on.

“Don’t read anymore into this.”

As it stands Haas will have access to Ferrari’s wind tunnel, all non listed parts will be from Ferrari and they will run Ferrari’s 2016 specification engine. All of which is allowed under the FIA rules and regulations for Formula One. Despite this I expect Mercedes in particular will be keeping a close eye on the Ferrari and Haas relationship to make sure no unfair advantages are gained by Ferrari. 

By: Chris Laker
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