George Harrison's "Faster"

Taken from George's eponymous 1979 album, FASTER was released as a single in July 1979. Featuring triple Formula One World Champion Jackie Stewart as the chauffeur and dedicated to the "entire Formula One circus", this song is an expression of the love George had for motorsport and the brave men who took part, many of whom became good friends of his.

The song was dedicated to "the Entire Formula One Circus" and in memory of Ronnie Peterson. The single was released by Harrison to assist the fundraising for the "Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Fund", a fund started after the death of the Swedish driver Gunnar Nilsson in 1978, caused by cancer.

I have a lot of fun with many of the Formula One drivers and their crews - and they have enabled me to see things from a very different angle than the music business I am normally involved with.
— George Harrison