Lotus to change name from 2016

As early as next season the historic and famous Lotus name could be nothing but a memory in the Formula One Pit lane after years of controversy and money problems.

This will happen if Renault succeed in their take over attempt of the current Lotus F1 team which the Lotus CEO Matthew Carter believes will be finalized in the next few weeks at which point the license currently owned by the team that allows them to be called Lotus will be terminated. The new team with be known as Renault F1, a name also familiar in the pit lane with its own history of success. This does not mean we may not see a Lotus team on the grid in the future, by terminating their license they open up the option for any other team to use the name Lotus if they pay for the license, whether that be a current team on the grid or a new team to come.

The Lotus name is famous throughout the History of Formula One but the Lotus team we know today has no affiliation to the original Team Lotus that was founded back in 1952 that went on to dominate Formula One through the 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately for such a successful team they struggled both competitively and financially after their founder Colin Chapman passed away in 1982, this lead to the team finally folding in 1994 after an extremely rich and successful racing career which yielded 7 Constructors Championships and 6 drivers World Championships.

In my opinion such a rich history has been somewhat tainted for fans in my opinion as the modern Lotus team have made headlines for all the wrong reasons since their return in 2010. Whether it be because of their financial woes, poor race results and performance or the constant legal battles.  I personally would prefer to see the Lotus name left in the past where it belongs and where no one can ride on its successful name and taint it further.

As far as the team’s future is concerned it is understood Renault will announce the takeover is complete at the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

By: Chris Laker
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