Verstappen: Toro Rosso can improve with Ferrari engines

Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen believes the team can take a big step forward in 2016 with the use of Ferrari’s 2015 engine.

Toro Rosso suffered last season with the reliability and power issues they had whilst using the Renault power unit also used in their Sister Red Bull team. As a consequence of this poor performance Toro Rosso signed a deal with Ferrari for the supply if their 2015 specification engines. Despite the fact Toro Rosso will have one year old specification engine compared to the other Ferrari customers Haas and Sauber Verstappen still believes the team will be in a better position than last season.

I think we will make a bigger step compared to other teams who already have Ferrari or Mercedes power, I don’t think they will find that much in the engine, compared to what we will gain in the engine. It will be a bit better for us and it’s definitely going to help us. Hopefully our car is good again – but it’s always about waiting and we will only see in the first race weekend.I’m really looking forward to next season. It gives you an extra motivation again to work hard in the winter time and get physically even better.
— Max Verstappen

Verstappen’s team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr said he was looking forward to having “an even more Italian team” in 2016.

“When everyone just flies past you it’s very desperate,” he said of 2015 with the Renault power unit. It can only get better and I have full trust that Toro Rosso will do a step forward in terms of reliability, pitstops, and more grip. We have a good chance.”

It remains to be seen how much progress Toro Rosso can actually make but if they have a chassis and body as good as last season with the Ferrari power they may be competing for race wins. 

By: Chris Laker
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