My Top 5 Formula One Tracks Of All Time

I have seen list after list of the top circuits in Formula One history but I have always found myself disagreeing with many of the choices. So instead of continuing to read these opinions I have decided to list my top five Formula One tracks, these are just my five favourite tracks, not the five best statistically or the five most popular just my favourites. 

5: Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

I cannot have a list of my top five tracks without including the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. In 2011 this hosted one of my all time favourite races which also set the record for longest ever Formula One race when it took a massive four hours, four minutes and 39 seconds to complete after the race was stopped twice. Famous for its wall of Champions drivers push the cars to the edge at every opportunity on this 4.361 kilometre track, boasting changeable conditions and high speed straights wheel to wheel racing is a common occurrence.

4. Interlagos São Paulo, Brazil

Another track famed for its changeable conditions and wheel to wheel racing Interlagos has been witness to some of the most memorable races in living memory. Whether that’s Senna’s victory in sixth gear for over half the race or Hamilton overtaking Timo Glock on the 12th corner during the final lap to snatch the drivers World Championship in 2008, any Formula One can name you several moments from Interlagos. It’s long sweeping left-bending home stretch and the first few corners make for some great wheel-to-wheel action. The rest of the lap is undulating and has a number of good overtaking opportunities.

3. Istanbul Park Istanbul, Turkey

Sadly no longer on the Formula One schedule due to increased costs and less fans, this is one of the tracks I miss the most. For the short period of time we had this track it left me with everlasting memories, one that sticks with me is Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel both Red Bull drivers connected with one another whilst they were under pressure from Lewis Hamilton. The circuit included brilliant corners that challenged the drivers and the track had a very Turkish feel despite its modern production.

2: Silverstone Northamptonshire, England

There was no way I could leave out my home track, full of wonderful memories and consistent footfall the British Grand Prix at Silverstone is one of the most passionate and popular races in Formula One history. Built on an old airfield used during the second world war Silverstone hosted the very first World Championship event back in 1950, since then it has held over 40 Formula One races cementing it as one of F1’s must have tracks. Silverstone‘s overall shape has changed little due to various upgrades with several corners and chicanes added, mostly in the name of safety. Thankfully the character and atmosphere has been retained alomng with the famous Maggots-Becketts-Chapel complex which still stands out as one of the best corner sequences in the world.

1: Spa-Francorchamps Spa, Belgium

Home to arguably the most famous corner in Formula One, Eau Rouge is just the main event on a track full of twists, turns and unexpected scenarios. Spa-Francorchamps was originally 14 kilometre’s long that took the cars right into the trees of the Ardenne forest. For safety reason’s this is now 7 kilometre beast that tests every aspect of a drivers ability, from the first incredibly sharp hairpin at La Source, the downhill approach to Eau Rouge or the continuous high-speed corners and G forces, this track has it all. In my opinion this is the best track in Formula One history and always will be.

By: Chris Laker
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