Updated calendar for 2016

The latest version of the 2016 Formula One race calendar has surfaced this week, and good news: it’s set to start in Australia on March 20th.

This comes after teams complained for the compressed schedule trying to get in 21 races. The revised calendar is still an 'updated provisional calendar' but no major changes are expected by the FIA.

In other changes, say hello to the return of the European Grand Prix, in Azerbaijan capital Baku, to take place a week after the Canadian race in June. The season will end again in Abu Dhabi late November.

Also announced this week: louder cars. Right from 2016, all cars will feature a separate exhaust tailpipe through which only wastegate exhaust gases will pass, resulting on louder cars, and without a big effect on power or emissions. For all changes in detail, visit F1’s official website, or the FIA’s.

The revised provisional calendar:

Jul 31 - Germany
Aug 28 - Belgium
Sep 4 - Italy
Sep 18 - Singapore
Oct 2 - Malaysia
Oct 9 - Japan
Oct 23 - United States
Nov 6 - Mexico
Nov 13 - Brazil
Nov 27 - Abu Dhabi
Mar 20 - Australia
Apr 3 - Bahrain
Apr 17 - China
May 1 - Sochi
May 15 - Spain
May 29 - Monaco
Jun 12 - Canada
Jun 19 - Baku
Jul 3 - Austria
Jul 10 - Britain
Jul 24 - Hungary