Things to know for Brazil

We arrive here in Brazil for one of the most popular races on the calendar despite both Championships already decided. Despite both titles being decided there is still plenty to play for with the drivers each vying for their own personal positions and bragging rights in the drivers championship whilst the teams want to finish as high as possible in the constructors ladder to earn the maximum amount of prize money.

I expect Lewis Hamilton to arrive in Brazil fully determined to beat Nico Rosberg in qualifying and the race after miss out on pole position in the last 2 races and failing to overtake his team-mate in Mexico 2 weeks ago. Lewis has also never won around here something I know he will be keen to change. At the same time Rosberg will need to continue to out-qualify his team-mate and win the last two races to give him a confidence boost going into the winter break before next season, if Nico was to lose out to Hamilton in the final two races you have to wonder how he is going to continue to come back at Hamilton whilst they are in the same car.

The way the grid has panned out in both Texas and Mexico is how I expect the Brazilian Grand Prix to pan out with the Mercedes boys leading the way once again with the Ferrari’s close behind, the Red Bull’s should also do well here especially through sector 2 thanks to their fantastic chassis. The Williams I think can take the fight to the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s if they call the strategy right, too many times this season Williams have been punished and lost positions because they have been to worried about being the first to make a decision, more bravery from Williams could have seen them much better off in the Championship this year. The Force India’s should perform well here and they could secure 5th position in the Constructors Championship as long as they out-score the lotus drivers, speaking of Lotus if they both keep their nose clean they could finish well in the points but with Grosjean looking uninterested since his move to Haas was announced I think it will be another disappointing weekend for them. Torro Rosso will be in and around the top end this weekend as they have been most of the season and do not be surprised to see both their drivers try some bold and exciting overtakes in the first and 3rd sectors. It is likely to be another pointless race for the McLaren boys once again unless the carnage of the past few races continues, McLaren will just be glad to get this season over with to prepare for next season now so I doubt they will be pulling up any trees.

Sky Sports F1 schedule
Friday November 13th
Practice One: 12:00
Practice Two: 16:00

Saturday November 14th
Practice Three: 13:00
Qualifying Build Up: 15:00
Qualifying Start: 16:00

Sunday November 15th
Grand Prix Build Up: 14:30
Race Start: 16:00

So there you have it, all of the information you need to make the most out of the race weekend, a nice afternoon start for UK race viewers. Enjoy the weekend.

By: Chris Laker
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