FIA, Pirelli keen to avoid “Deflategate”

Pirelli confirms they will clarify tyre pressures alongside the FIA following the three practice sessions at Marina Bay this upcoming weekend.

After the fiasco surrounding Hamilton’s tyres in Italy Pirelli’s Paul Hembery has announced that after practice sessions have been concluded at the Singapore Grand Prix the FIA and Pirelli will announce further clarification on what tyre pressures should be used and how the rule will be implemented.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli
“During these days, we will be defining, together with the FIA, a clearer procedure enabling the teams to more easily follow the rules regarding tyre usage. This is important to avoid any misunderstandings, by giving the teams more precise indications to comply with, thus avoiding what happened to Mercedes in Monza.”

So it looks like we should not suffer a 3 hour delay after the Singapore Grand Prix before the winner is clarified.

By Chris Laker