The Black Night, Singapore factfile

A few days away from the Singapore GP, Lotus’ Technical Director Nick Chester thinks "there’s scope for a good weekend" under the night lights at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

"There are a lot of walls and not so much run-off meaning there’s plenty to think about. You’re dealing with very slow speed corners and a lot of kerbs which means many demands on the car. There are many braking points – even though there aren’t any high speed stops, the brakes really take a pummelling as they’re always being used and they get no time to cool down. Lots of braking means lots of accelerating afterwards, so you need good traction. There’s plenty to think about for the drivers and engineers alike."


Here’s the factfile by Lotus F1 Team:

What are the key elements?
"It is a high downforce track, so everybody will be running toward their maximum downforce set-up. Then it really is all about how you manage the mechanical set-up to get the best out of the car in terms of handling the kerbs. Ensuring a good level of grip in the low speed corners is crucial at Marina Bay."