Ferrari’s Singapore GP: Maximum Attack

As Ferrari gets set for 'maximum attack' at Marina Bay, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Esteban Gutierrez made their comments on the weekend. Read all about it below.

Seb: “I get along very well with the car”
"It’s always difficult to predict what is going to happen. In the last couple of years this place has been very good for me, I love the track, is one of the most challenging we face in the season. The circuit is unique in many ways, it’s a lot about the feeling with the car and having the confidence and this makes the big difference here. We have a strong package and hopefully we can keep this record up. Our goal for the championship is maximum attack, we have to go for everything that we can get, as long as the chance is there we have to try and make everything that’s possible. In principle I get along very well with the car this year, we’ve had many different types of tracks but still we are competitive more or less everywhere. Overall we have been quick enough to go in the top five, even if our target is to be always in the podium. Mercedes has the strongest package at the moment and if nothing goes wrong there is not much space left on the podium, but we have been pretty good in getting our maximum."

Kimi determined to “better results”
"Because of the track layout, compared to many other places here it’s easier to overtake. As usual, our aim here is to do well in qualifying to have better chances in the race. Obviously we want better results, it would make it more fun for everybody. I think we are doing the right things but we’ve had issues here and there and if, like in the last race, something happens at the start, this compromises the end result. If we get rid of all the issues and mistakes I’m sure we can get good results. We are going in the right direction, we have to finish strong. The aim for this year is try to win more and hopefully next year we’ll be in the position to challenge in every race as a team."


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Esteban says: "Important to cool the brakes"
“The track has 23 corners, which is more than most,” the Mexican told “Even though the race takes place at night, the humidity level is very high and when you consider the race usually runs for almost two hours, you can understand how physically demanding it is for the drivers. The high temperatures don’t only affect the men in the cockpit, they are also extreme in terms of the braking system. Singapore features several heavy braking points and keeping the components cool is extremely critical. The humidity further complicates heat dispersal from the brakes and that’s why, on a street circuit without many straights, cooling them is vitally important. Furthermore, the whole track is surrounded by buildings, so there’s even less airflow. One of my favourite sections of the track is from turn 15 to the end, because you’re always running at a fast pace. Unfortunately, turn 10 has been modified: it used to be a triple chicane, but now, it’s just a double. I know a lot of drivers prefer it this way, but I preferred the original version”

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