Italian Grand Prix, a Ferrari preview

Home to Scuderia Ferrari, the Italian Grand Prix in mighty Monza will be the last round of the championship in European ground. The track is well known for it’s vast history, high-speed straights and of course, the Tifosi electricity.

Circuit: Autodromo Nazionale Monza / 5.793 km
Race distance: 53 laps / 306.720 km
Schedule: Qualifying 14:00 hrs local time (08:00 hrs Eastern / 05:00 hrs Pacific), Race 14:00 hrs local time (08:00 hrs Eastern / 05:00 hrs Pacific)

Team analysis
“The Monza track is very heavy on the brakes, because you arrive in the braking areas at high speed and it’s important to manage to adequately cool the discs, so they can work efficiently at the next braking point. The aerodynamic set-up for Monza is a low downforce one, but you have to make sure that doesn’t compromise traction coming out of the chicanes. If it rains, the race becomes very tough, because of the need to hit your braking points at speed. As usual, strategy will play an important role during the race and we will have to be ready for whatever scenario might arise”.

Sebastian (car number 5): I can’t wait to meet the Tifosi
“Naturally, I’ve got a whole load of great memories and feelings linked to Monza and I always like coming here,” the German driver told “And being here with Ferrari makes it even more special. It’s not a demanding track physically, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple: you have to look after the brake system, because the long straights mean you reach the braking areas at high speed. The track characteristics require a low aerodynamic downforce set-up and this makes the car harder to drive. I am curious to see what it will be like driving at this track, partly because this year’s power unit is more powerful and also because I’m looking forward to meeting all our fans: I can’t wait.”

Gutierrez (reserve driver): “A special feeling”
“You breathe in a unique atmosphere,” the Mexican driver told “Before one’s home race there are special feelings when one is part of the Ferrari family. We are keen to put on a good show in front of our fans, who always support us and I always remember seeing all those flags flying in the wind inside the park."