Temple of Speed factfile

A few days away from the Italian GP, Lotus’ Technical Director Nick Chester thinks "the potential is quite good" for a good result on Sunday.

He carries on: "The cars have performed well at medium downforce tracks like Montréal and Spa. Monza is a step lower downforce that we never run anywhere else. The car seems to be efficient heading down to these kinds of levels. The E23 also has good braking and is reasonably well set-up for low drag. It should go quite well in Italy."

Take off all wing?
"Monza is one of the fastest circuits that requires the lowest downforce setting. The cars will be doing around 350kph so very fast. It is also important for the car to be good over the kerbs at the chicanes and so far we have seen the E23 is pretty good over kerbs."

Here’s the factfile by Lotus F1 Team: