Salracing's Top Ten drivers of 2016

The 2016 Season is over, Nico Rosberg deservedly won the World Drivers’ Title. Here’s how we rate the years’ Top Ten drivers.

Even though Nico Rosberg is a deserving world champion, it is Lewis Hamilton who gets our vote as the best driver in 2016. Hamilton drove magnificently on most races and was hindered of victory by mechanical failures more often than not.

Nico Rosberg, as we said, is a deserving World Champion, but he showed a bit of a doubt in the last few races, undeniably because of the mental stress of becoming WDC for the first time. We rate Nico as second best of 2016.

Daniel Ricciardo was third best on this list, he was a bit overshadowed by Max's success and media coverage, but he is very fast and his win in Malaysia was superb.

Max Verstappen will, probably, become World Champion sometime in his future, but even though he had some masterful drives this year, he was a bit controversial some of the time, good for him as part of his learning curve. We rate him 4th.

Kimi Raikkonen woke up in 2016 and had it not been for a few mechanical failures and odd team strategies, he would have finished better in the championship. We rank him 5th.

Sebastian Vettel had a very difficult season and it showed. He was not able to hide his frustration at some races and some of the team's strategic calls did not help him. Nevertheless he finished on a high with a masterful drive at Abu Dhabi. He is 6th.

We place Fernando Alonso in 7th place. He had overcome major issues with his McLaren, but he showed his sheer speed and ability in many races.

Sergio Perez had a good season, he scored 29 more points than his teammate and had he had better equipment, he would have given many top drivers a run for their money. He is 8th.

Carlos Sainz is WDC material, if he has the chance to drive for a top team, which at the moment is kind of hard as all seats at Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari are accounted for and there may only be one seat available for 2018 at Ferrari. We rate him 9th.

Romain Grosjean earned the 29 points that placed Haas F1 eighth in the Constructors' standings in their first season in F1, not a bad achievement, and had it not been for mechanical failures, mainly brake issues, he would have added many more points to his tally. We rate him 10th.

Special mention goes to Pascal Wehrlein for his impressive qualifying performances.