Red Bull future sorted, says Bernie

F1 supremo and ring master Bernie Ecclestone has claimed Red Bulls future in Formula One is now “sorted” and they will not be leaving the paddock at the end of the season. 

Co-Owner of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz, had threatened to pull both of its teams out of F1 if it could find competitive engines for Red Bull and Toro Rosso and even set a deadline for the end of October.

According to reports Red Bull reopened talks with Renault Sport during the Russian Grand Prix weekend, this comes after what looked like a very messy divorce played out in the Public domain with Red bull making their feelings clear about the lack of consistency and performance from the Renault power unit this season.

The question of Red Bull leaving Formula one was put to Ecclestone by Autosport, here is what he said  “I think now, with what’s happened, no.

“But before, I thought yes.”

He added: “Things are sorted.”

This all comes after Red Bull had been very clear that they would not stick around for the 2016 season if they were not supplied with a competitive engine to replace the Renault partnership that has worked so well for them. They approached both Mercedes and Ferrari with Mercedes making it clear from the outset that they would not supply their rivals with one of their engines, Ferrari were more open to the idea but they themselves were adamant they would not supply Red Bull a 2016 engine, it would have to be a 2015 spec power unit.

Whilst all of this has been going on Toro Rosso have been working quietly behind the scenes and they look set to be powered by Ferrari next year with Ferrari apparently agreeing to allow Toro Rosso the 2015 spec Ferrari power unit.

So after weeks off discussions and public shaming from all sides it looks as though we may finally be close to having the full complement of teams for the start of next season. Bernie Ecclestone knew how important Red Bull are to the Image of Formula One and it looks as though he has used his impressive sway and persuasion tactics to keep everybody happy, whether Bernie himself will be here next year is a question for another day.

By: Chris Laker
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